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Television programs sometimes use satire to relate with a certain demographic or to express an opinion or reaction to lastest news events. There are now numerous amount of programs that use news satire method. Among these programs are The Weekend Update, D.L. Hughley Breaking the News, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and Chocolate News.

These programs use news satire in their programs to promote humor from lastest news events. On the program, Chocolate News, it makes fun of government issues like the education system No Child Left Behind or Politicial Events. For example, The program pokes fun at the newly elected President Obama. They play with the sterotype of a black man’s wardrobe. Another example would be the Presidential Qualifications, McCain would make a better president because of Obama does not have a criminal record.

On The Colbert Report program, allows the politicians to come on the show to boost their popularity among the voters as well as rise the shows ratings. For example, Hilary Clinton came on the show pretending that she fixed their green screen. Senator Edwards and Obama also appeared poking fun at themselves which would draw in more voters for the democratic party on election day.

The Daily Show focuses on world issues that appear on the news like treatments for dieases and politicial news events. For example, there was a segment on Cancer it was a spoof of a commercial promoting Stand Up For Cancer and Viagra. Another example, politicial and news events such as Bush uncoventional methods and Nambla as a breaking news event.

All of these shows in my opinion poke fun at serious issues. It gives a brighter and lighter side of sad or frustrating news events. I think these shows are very good for us because it breaks the tension of all the bad and destructive things in the world. If we can be able to laugh even at our worst and tramatic events we can over come any obstacle in our way. Without laughter the world would be a pretty boring place.


In the constitution all men are created equal but does our government really mean that? All men are created equal, all men expect for homosexuals at least in the state of California. The state of California had approved of gay marriage but this is no longer true after an overturn of California Supreme Court’s decision of recognizing same-sex marriages.

The state of California came up with this propositional ballot called Proposition Eight. This ballot would amend the state constitution to restrict the meaning of marriage to a union between a man and a woman. Making the state of California, one of many states to change from approving same-sex marriages to banning it.

With the government’s approval of this ballot it eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry. This text entirety is stated in the constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. This was effectively immediately on November 5, 2008, just twenty four hours after the presidential election.

Proposition Eight spaked so much controversy that campaigns began to form all of the United States. Many campaigns were for and against was 35.8 million and 37.6 million making it the highest funded campaign of any state ballot and surpassing every campaign in the country.

Proponents versus Opponents

The proponents argue for exclusive heterosexual marriage and believe that the change in the constitution would require a change to school curriculum and threat church tax benefits.

Republican US Senator John Mcain released a statement of support for the proposed constitutional amendment. Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich released a video support. Both characterized the court’s ruling by the recognition of same sex marriage as being against the will of the people. While the opponents argue that eliminating the right of any Californian and mandating that one group of people be treated differently is discriminating, unfair and wrong.

US President Barack Obama stated that he personally considers marriage to be between a man and a woman and supports civil unions that comparable rights rather than gay marriage. He stated that he opposed the proposition and other attempts to amend the federal and state constitutions. Vice President Joseph Biden opposed the proposition.

Repubican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that although he opposed and twice vetoed legislative bills that would recognize same sex marriage in California, he respects and will uphold the court’s ruling and opposes the initiative and other attempts to amend th constitution.

A pending legal issue wither or not the 18,000 same-sex marriages are annulled due to the constitutional change or be preserved. California Attorney General Jerry Brown says that existing same-sex marriages would be unaffected but experts say that they will be challenged.

Today, November 23,2008 the status of these approximate 18000 marriages is unknown but for the future I hope our society, our country  can come to a resolution the promotes equality and fairness.

Legalizing drugs to help prevent crime, a theory of former cop, Peter Moskos. In his new book, titled “Cop in the Hood” reveals the rise in crime and usage of illegal drugs in Baltimore. Peter’s book has sparked alot of controversy with his view on crime prevention.

Celebrities and The Media

By Paris Wright

Are our kings and queens of the screen becoming common criminals? Our celebrities are treated like royalties. They earn money just from making appearances at night clubs or mentioning a brand new in a ad or commercial. We praise them by giving them free stuff and promote their movies even when its a flop. But many of our hollywood royalties live ordinary lives and live in regular homes. Is the pressure of Hollywood driving our celebrities to life of crime? Many of our celebrities have committed various crimes like shoplifting, driving drunk, fist fights and running the streets naked. Do our royals think they are above the law? Many of them get punishment for their law breaking ways but these punishments do not fit their crime.

A good example, in 2002, actress Winona Rider was caught shoplifting  yet again. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and 380 hours of community service according to the Daily Mirror.

On October 8th, Constance L. Hays, of  the New York Times, writes, ” Martha Stewart accused of insider trading and has been convicted to serve a 5 month sentence at the Redbrick Federal Prison”. The media has a way of sugar coating and gently putting things as proven by Ms. Hayes’ article. The way she states “accused” then clearly “convicted” in the sentence is an oxymoron. Meanwhile, Stephen Moore of National Review online writes, “Stewart lost all my respect after the first indictment came down, she accused all of her adversaries of being apart of avast right-wing conspiracy against her” Then later writes, “She is in many ways a victim of a witch hunt against corporate excess and corporate scandals. Note, his statements are contradictory and blatant attempts to defend and sabotage at the same time.

Wikipedia’s definition of celebrity is that of one who is widely recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention.

The media has not  stop with our royals on the screen they also pick on our music artist. Their portrayal of Rappers or Hip Hop artists citing them as catalysts among a genre that is often given negative views when looked upon the media. Yes, crimes are committed when these artist forget that they are idealized by the youth, that they should be held accountable and especially when they forget that what they “say” and what they “do” are two different things.

Rapper 50 Cent says, “I let my whip talk for me, my gat talk for me, (BLOOOW) what up homie” Then drives around in a bulletproof cadillac Escalade.

Then he wonders why the media’s views are not so positive. He feels he’s being discriminated against, but is it an injustice when he’s the one who is giving the media their opinion. The difference between celebrities is most are actors, and when they portray a gangster or a criminal the public can say, “okay, he’s just acting” When a rapper or entertainer says things or does things no one can say that because all to often the rappers forget who they are it seems and can not draw a line between the real them and who they are when they are “just entertaining”.

Then society tries to censor these artist and disrupt the whole principle behind freedom of speech. People like Bill O’Reilly claim rap destroyed music. His opinion can be debated, but is it that far fetched. Gangsta rap erupted onto the scene in the late 80’s, as the crack epidemic dwindled, leaving angry youths in violence. Without an outlet to express themselves, these youths created their own. Groups like NWA and Public Enemy expressed their opinions on how their neighborhoods have been all but forgotten. Ignored by society and left out of the mainstream. These groups opened the eyes of Americans who had no idea on what was going on in the ghetto. Or maybe they knew, but had long forgotten. These groups pioneered for their words, for their thoughts and for their problems to he seen and heard.

Other genres of music can be just as easily hated. Punk rock and  heavy metal have just as violent and disturbed lyrics. Marilyn Manson, an alternative band that advocates non conformity utilizing controversial imagery and lyrical context has been linked to the Columbine School Massacre and more recently to last years school shooting in Cleveland, Ohio. Asa Coon, a shooter stated to teachers, ” I don’t worship God, I worship Marilyn” I highly doubt he was talking about Miss Monroe. The Media blames the music, but where are the parents. The musicians use that as a defense. Meanwhile, everyone is pointing the finger at each other. Something needs to be done, someone needs to be held accountable.

Celebrities, rappers, singers, and entertainers are in the public eye and it is arguable as to their roles as role models to the youth or to anyone who looks up to them. The media  feeds into the negative way too much. The negative is way more juicier than the positive and you rarely hear about the good deeds. I’ll admit, even I have  been more interested in who’s in trouble from Hollywood then the more positive.  I read US Weekly and love the less popular tabloids. Its as if Americans are fixated with drama. Then,  we wonder why the average Joe will get 2-5 years for shoplifting and Winona gets community service? Just or unjust our celebrities are above the law.

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